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Alan Main
New member

Enregistré: 14-06-2006
Messages: 3
   I hope some of you understand English as my French is very poor!!
I have recently bought a Sylphe (one of only two in Scotland) and I'm sailing and racing it up in the far North West, near the Isle of Skye. I have only had the boat for six weeks but I already think it is fantastic. I hope that some of you out there understand English and can communicate back to me as I have lots of questions!!

15-06-2006 00:08:08

Enregistré: 15-05-2006
Messages: 192
Hi, my english is not very good but I think that on-line translators as : ... lator.html
may solve the problem.

You can ask your questions...

Dernière édition par rohennic (15-06-2006 14:10:06)

Le marin pessimiste se plaint du vent,
l'optimiste espère qu'il va tourner,
le bon marin règle ses voiles...

15-06-2006 09:09:40

Enregistré: 12-05-2006
Messages: 323
Hi Alan, your welcome :)

It is pleasure to meet foreigners all about the Sylphe. Congratulations for your investment you will have fun day to day sailing with this boat as all of us.

Let's start your questions. I will translate A/Q on this forum for french people. You can use google as translator among other things ;)

Welcome !


15-06-2006 21:58:30
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New member

Enregistré: 11-08-2006
Messages: 2
Hi All,
        my name is Dimitri and I just bought a Sylphe in Holland. I have sailed her a few times but not enough. I am presntly in Paris for a couple of months. Is there anyone near Paris or Le Havre who might have a Sylphe as I would love to learn a bit more about them. I am new in sailing so any advice will be welcome.

11-08-2006 19:12:55

Enregistré: 12-05-2006
Messages: 323
Hi Jordy !
Welcome onboard ;)

I hope this forum be helpful. We are trying to translate posts ... it is not so easy !

Could you introduce her ? Nickname, serial number, pictures ?

Any questions can be asked her.

Willkommen !


11-08-2006 19:37:41
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